Life Update 2021

Well hello there! I’m not even going to act like I didn’t just disappear from this blog last year. On top of the shock from experiencing a worldwide pandemic, I also had a baby..and moved! Last year was bad for most people, but I’m not here to dwell on it. For me personally, there was a lot of good to come out of the year that shall remain unnamed, such as my home, my baby, and my new mindset. I hope that we all truly learned something. The first being that God is in control no matter what. The second being that Girrrrlllll you have GOT TO BE prepared for all of this crap life will throw at you! So let’s go over what I learned and what I want you to learn from me.

Sure your job is great and you “love” it but we all saw was just how disposable companies considered their employees. That terrified so many people and the unemployment rate went through the roof! I am a firm believer in the art of the side hustle, something to generate income to put you ahead of the game. We have been through too much last year to have any excuse to be financially unprepared this year. I am 100% a Dave Ramsey nerd! If you do not know this man, I suggest you start Googling! He and his team of awesome financial advisors will literally change your life. Do some research, I promise it is worth it!

We also had the chance to spend more time together as a family. Whether you soaked up the quality time or pulled your hair out on the daily, it was something that was very much needed. I’m low-key jealous of the people that are now able to work remote but that’s the reason I am starting this blog back up. We have got some BIG GOALS for this year and if there were ever a time to make it happen it is NOW. You got this!

As far as having a baby in a pandemic.. This was my first child so I don’t have anything to compare the experience too. The only thing that seemed out of place was not having visitors and having to wave through the window. As Delilah gets older, it will seem so wild having to tell her about the year she was born. How she has yet to go in a restaurant or Walmart. How most of the faces she saw were covered with a mask. The saddest is how there won’t be a lot of church memories from this time, but there will be a lot of awesome at home memories that we can cherish. ❀ Speaking of home, We bought a house! I give moving with a baby 0 out of 5 stars. Do not recommend. I’m not exaggerating when I say it has been 5 months and we are still not all the way done or organized. But at least you can look forward to some awesome home and decor content.

If it seemed like I was rambling, it’s because I was. I have been attempting to blog since 2013. I’m serious! I have realized that my blog should reflect me, how I talk and the way I so frankly put things. You will have to take it or leave it. If you want to take it though that would be awesome! What I was trying to say in this post was a couple of big points: Depend on you to come through for yourself. No one has your back like you do. Don’t let yourself down. The future you will thank the present you for staying motivated and accomplishing your goals. Way too many pronouns floating around right there.

Also, stay prepared and on top of things! Get a planner this year and actually use it. Schedule work time, family time, side hustle time, you time. Work your butt off for your goals, but make sure that’s not all you do! I know I said the same thing last year, but I truly am excited to see what this year has to hold. Maybe because it can’t possibly be worse than last year or maybe because I am so much wiser going forward. Bear with me as I develop a blogging schedule and finishing tweaking the site. I’m so happy to be writing. The motivation starts when you do! See you soon!


Happy New Year: Resolutions, Decluttering, and Planning!

It is 2020! πŸŽ‰ Can you believe it? I am so excited for what this year has to offer. I have so many plans and sooo many goals that I can not wait to share on the blog. I am hoping to make this the most productive year yet. However, with my baby girl on the way, we will see how that goes!

I’ve spent the first week planning out my year in quarterly intervals. I feel like this holds me more accountable than trying to accomplish everything by December; this way I can achieve smaller goals all throughout the year. Read More »