*Business E-mails Only Please: itsmaribri@gmail.com
Twitter: ItsMariBri
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Facebook: Mari Bri Blogs
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Welcome to my blog! I am excited to share all of my beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts with you. Blogging is a creative outlet I use to express myself and share things with my amazing readers. This blog is intended to be helpful and informative while still having tons of fun! If there are any requests for something you would like to see, send them to me on Twitter using #itsmaribri or #maribriblogs
*All photos and posts are mine unless stated otherwise. All negative comments and users will be blocked. No spam allowed in the comment section.
Any users seeking promotional/PR inquires, please email the address listed above.

Discount Codes:

Poppy Apparel: MARIBRI10

Mikasa Beauty: ITSMARIBRI25

Original Beauty Box: MARIBRI10

Sand Cloud: MARISSAMG25

Forever Luxe Lashes: ITSMARIBRI

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