Let’s Talk: Why I Stopped Buying [So Much] Makeup

Hey loves! I wanted to take the time to make a post about this, because I want my blog to be a place where I can talk or type whatever is on my mind. That was the original reason for starting this blog in the first place some six or seven years ago. I started my blog in 2013 after graduating high school as a way to occupy my time during summer break. It started off as strictly fashion and then slowly morphed into makeup central for years, but I want just a little more than that.

Let’s talk money for just a second: I’m almost ashamed to say that in one year I spent over $1500 on makeup, MAKEUP. When I reflected on the year, all I could do was look at the products collecting dust in my home.


The next year, I refused to let that happen again and instead, I went on three vacations. Now that was an amazing year to look back on. Instead of squandering that money on every Anastasia palette under the sun, I chose to invest that money and time into trips and adventures and it was truly so worth it! Obviously, I still buy products that I need to replace and of course I still enjoy trying new things. I just no longer try an excessive amount of new things.

The next reason: Clutter. I was the type to buy things just to get the free gifts or the points to redeem even more gifts. All that happened is I ended up with an excessive amount of products that I did not use, did not like, or went to waste before I had the chance to use them. I got so tired of having to throw away expired product, it’s so wasteful. img_20200119_172911_0750007861833448153700194.jpgI went through my makeup and cleaned out a good majority of my collection. My makeup is now nicely tucked away in my Recollections drawers from Michael’s, they’re an awesome Alex drawer dupe! I love having my makeup on display, but having it organized in these drawers is so satisfying. Plus, now I have more room for the things that make me truly happy.

So my main reason for not continuing on as just a makeup blogger is that I was basically doing it for the wrong reasons. I literally felt like I had to talk about makeup because the only thing YouTubers and Bloggers were talking about was makeup! No one cared about lifestyle posts, or recipes, or my newest interest which is faith related blogging. And yes, it was awesome to receive products from brands and have the discount codes and I still do like all of that; IMG_20180112_173324_670000It would just be better in moderation. I’m not here to knock any beauty bloggers or step on any toes. I just wanted to share my reasons as to why I dug a little deeper and something that gave me more joy. I’m also not saying I won’t post any makeup content, it’s just no longer my main focus. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a substantial amount of makeup and beauty products. I just kept all the items that I love, beautiful collector’s pieces and products that make me smile.

I’m so excited for this year in blogging! There is so much that I can’t wait to share; not for popularity or likes, but just because I want to do what I want to do. I haven’t yet decided on a posting schedule or if I will have one but If so, I will be sure to share it on here. Thanks so much for reading!

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