Happy New Year: Resolutions, Decluttering, and Planning!

It is 2020! 🎉 Can you believe it? I am so excited for what this year has to offer. I have so many plans and sooo many goals that I can not wait to share on the blog. I am hoping to make this the most productive year yet. However, with my baby girl on the way, we will see how that goes!

I’ve spent the first week planning out my year in quarterly intervals. I feel like this holds me more accountable than trying to accomplish everything by December; this way I can achieve smaller goals all throughout the year. Every January 1st, I sit down and fill out my planner for the year. I come up with all of my resolutions, financial goals and a new budget. Lately, I’ve been listening to Dave Ramsey and reading all kinds of finance articles, so that’s definitely a big focus for me this year. As well as getting rid of clutter. I think most of us hopped on the Marie Kondo wave of 2019. I am truly a believer in physical clutter equals mental clutter. I have been getting rid of things for months, and it feels good to not have to worry about so many things to keep up with and maintain.

I was also ready to get back blogging. It’s hard to just throw stuff out there when you’re not motivated. When I have the right mindset, I feel like things just come naturally. When I first started my blog, the main focus was fashion, which then shifted to makeup, which resulted in a bunch of makeup that I truly enjoyed creating, but had no value. I’m not saying a makeup blog is a waste of time, but for me I was so happy to take a break and find so many other outlets that I didn’t even realize I was so interested in because I was only focused on makeup. I am so excited to share some new and refreshing lifestyle content.This post is just an introduction of what is to come. I hope my posts inspire and motivate readers to go for what they want. We are all on our own timeline and if you are lost in yours, then just pick a starting point and START. When you go after what you want, the journey is long and tedious, but if it’s what you really want it should be worth it! See you in the next post!

Thanks for reading! -Marissa

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