Reviewing the Subculture Palette | Love & Hate

Hello loves! So today I’m talking about a very famous palette. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette somewhat broke the internet when it was released. There were so many mixed reviews about the formula of the shadows and how they blended it out. The colors are so beautiful and it really is a shame that the formula of this palette was not on the same level as the other Anastasia Palettes. I did two different eye looks just so I could really understand the issue and did swatches.

IMG_20180117_220813_687000The darker colors in the palette are more difficult to work with than the lighter colors. When I swatched the blues and green especially; You could feel the dry grains in the eyeshadow. The Axis shade is the most complicated in the palette. The more color you add to attempt to blend it out, the patchier it gets. When I applied them on my eyes, I had to work slowly with flat brushes and pack them on my lid [using a fluffy brush was not an option.] I did also have very minimum fallout doing it this way. I tried to use the glitters with my ELF setting spray like I normally do and it literally took the glitter away so I recommend using a strong glitter glue with these for a better result. I recommend either the Too Faced one or NYX has a great dupe for that one. The Cube shade had very little pigment to it even with a glitter glue down. You could probably use this shade over certain colors or I just use it on my inner corner.


I did two different looks using this palette. The first one is more of a typical warm toned look that I would normally do. I started with Dawn all over my lid. I then used Roxy and New Wave as my transition shades and All Star in my crease. I very lightly added Fudge to the outer v to deepen the look. I then went in with Adorn all over my lid and added Cube to the inner corner. You cant see in this picture but I lined my bottom lash line with New Wave and All Star.


My more colorful look was a little harder to achieve. I used Edge as my transition shade followed by a mixture of Destiny and Untamed in the crease. I applied Axis on the outer half of my lid but still below the crease shades. I then packed Electric on the inner half of my lid and on the inner corners. The shades on the bottom lash line are Edge and Untamed. I then used Urban Decay‘s Deep End liner for my waterline.


Other products used:



I do really love the color scheme of this palette; My only issue is the formula. I really wish ABH would admit it’s sub par and recall it like Benefit did Gimme Brow. I honestly do not regret buying this palette just because it was one of those things that everyone was talking about and I just had to have it. So what are your thoughts on this palette? Have you tried it or would you buy it just because of the hype? Let me know what you think in the comments! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next post!


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