May Ipsy Bag

So I need some input. I’m considering leaving Ipsy and trying Birchbox. I’ve had Birchbox in the past and I liked it. The only thing I don’t like are the boxes; I just throw them away. I love Ipsy but I kind of just want something new. Let me know if you have tried Ipsy or Birchbox and which one you like better.


I was so excited about the Luxie brush! It’s the 660 Foundation brush but I’ve been using it to set my concealer. This is my 3rd Lucie brush from Ipsy which makes me kind of want to keep the service. However, the Manna Kadar duo is very upsetting. This is supposed to be a highlighter and bronzer duo..HOW? You can cleary see how shimmery the bronzer is. I don’t want that on my face. The highlighter doesn’t have nearly enough pigment to show up on cheekbones. I’ll be using these as eye shadows.

The Hikari pigment is pretty but nothing special. The IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara has been a miss for me in the past. I’m just not a fan of the brand. The Kapuluan coconut oil seems nice. I seriously wish you could hear me trying to pronounce the name right now.

So if you think I should keep Ipsy let know in the comments. I probably will but I just want to try something new. Thanks so much for reading!


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