Holy Grail Lippies | My Favorite Colors & Formulas

Hey guys! In today’s post, I will be talking about my holy grail lip products. These are products that I always reach for because I know I’m going to love the color and the wear. Before I talk about any product I have to mention the MAC x Laura Lee collab. Laura is my absolute favorite beauty vlogger and when her MAC lipstick came out I was beyond excited! I am in love with the shade and am so happy I was able to get my hands on it!

Another daily favorite of mine is Tarte‘s Double Duty Lip Sculptor inIMG_20170502_223408_724000 Minx. It’s a warm brick red color; my perfect lip shade! The formula is similar to the Urban Decay cream lipsticks. It’s so smooth and isn’t drying or flaky. The lip gloss also has a smooth non sticky formula. Imalso a fan of the NYX Butter Glosses. Angel Food Cake is a beautiful pink shade close to my natural lip color. Now let’s throw it back a little bit with an Urban Decay classic..1993. This color is so 90s it’s ridiculous. It somehow manages to be Rachel Green but still Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt era.  Continue reading “Holy Grail Lippies | My Favorite Colors & Formulas”

April Favorites and Empties

Why are the months going by so fast? I seriously need things to slow down! The past couple of months, I have been steering away from my holy grail products and trying out new things. I’m really enjoying playing around in my makeup collection. Now that Spring is here, and it’s getting hotter outside, I’m starting to wear less makeup. I am not about to look like a melting wax figure. I really need to do a couple posts about my foundation routine and review the one I’m using..So look out for those soon!

I’ll begin by saying if I’m not wearing a lot of makeup, I won’t spendIMG_20170424_233251_244000 a lot of time taking it off. Most of the time, my skincare routine consists of makeup wipes, micellar water and facial spray. I’ve been liking the Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Micellar Water. It feels light and has a very mild scent. I will say that it doesn’t completely sink in like other Micellar waters so I can still feel it. For applying foundation, my Beauty Blender has fallen second to my Mikasa Beauty Lemon Drop sponge. It is literally so soft and I love the way it blends my makeup. I’ve also been loving the Benefit Contour Brush for my bronzer. It’s also good for setting with face powder. Morning and night, I’ve been using the Hempz lip balm; and also throughout the day. It s thicker than a chap stick but not as messy as a lip gloss.

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Festival Makeup | ft. Crown Brush Fuego Palette

Well it’s that time of year again! Summer is the time for festivals and fun; and going outside of your makeup comfort zone. Rules should be the farthest thing from your mind when you think of makeup. With all of the crazy summer activities coming up, it’s the perfect time to dive into your makeup collection and see what goodies you can find. I definitely did for this look.


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Everyday Face | Daily Makeup Routine

Another day, another makeup routine! In today’s post, I’ll be showing you what I usually do on an everyday basis. This is the type of makeup I would wear to work or when I’m out all day. I can easily change this look with eyeliner, lashes and a different shade of lipstick to make it more dramatic for nighttime.

IMG_20170414_182246_651000I always have to start off with a primer. For today I chose my trusty Smashbox photo finish primer. This helps control the oil on my skin and give me a more smooth base. I will then go in with Benefit‘s Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer. A lot of people hate this product and I don’t know why! I put this all over my face just to make it look like my face has some sun. [My face is like 2 shades lighter than my body btw.] Next I will use Tarte shape tape under my eyes and to highlight, as well as cover where I need to. This concealer is amazing and requires no unnecessary baking. Although sometimes I will dust a tiny bit of Smooth Operator under my eyes to ensure IMG_20170414_182034_517000less creasing. I will finish my face by adding my Tarte Double Duty foundation powder. I don’t get too shiny and it doesn’t wear off easily at all. It’s easily buildable and full coverage.

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All About Primers |What I Use on Oily Skin

Happy Friday! Today’s post is one that I don’t see a lot of. Everyone is always talking about the best highlighters and foundations but what about primers; The most important part of the makeup process. I’ll show you some of my favorite primers and why I love them. Keep in mind that I have very oily skin and usually have an issue with foundation coming off in my T zone. Just because these primers work for me doesn’t mean they will work for everyone.

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What’s in My Makeup Bag | Travel Edition

[Let’s say that I’m waving hello right now! And that I’m like freaking out with excitement] Is anybody as excited for summer as I am? I love everything about it! The weather, the vibes, the road trips! I usually take a couple vacations in the summer and with that follows a lot of planning and packing. So today I thought I would show you what I like to carry in my makeup bag when I travel. I always like to take my favorite products or things that I know work well. I hardly ever bring something I haven’t tried because I mean, what if it sucks and then I’m stuck with it. But enough rambling..


To start off, I have my basic necessities like eye cream, tweezers and facial spray. I always carry lashes too just in case. I also just ordered an adorable case for them off of Amazon. And I always carry vaseline. It has too many uses to not bring along. I do keep my skincare and toiletries in a separate bag so they will not be mentioned here. I tried to stay in order of how I do my makeup so there won’t be so much skipping around. Moving on to makeup products, I really try to use up any samples or travel size items. I take a couple of primers and at least two foundation options (powder and liquid). I don’t go anywhere without the Benefit Matte Rescue IMG_20170402_232113_232000primer. It’s a life saver. I only take one concealer; it was the NYX HD concealer but I have switched over to the Tarte Shape Tape and I’m beyond obsessed! I just realized I have an excessive amount of Tarte products but hey why not. Carrying a translucent powder is also agood idea. The Smooth Operator is very fine and doesn’t have flashback. My contour and highlight usually doesn’t change so I just bring my Tarte Pro Glow to Go and Tarte blush in Royal. These products work awesome with any look I do. My foundation of choice has been the Wet N Wild foundation which I talk more about here.

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